Nobody, no crime and How you live on – Salt water

– Ying Prelude These two poetries are the verbal form of the sensual connection I, as a foreign activist, has formed to the Spring Revolution, and to Myanmar – a country I have never set foot in. Following the escalation of the Spring Revolution and the Civil Disobedience Movement via the news, research articles and […]

SEA youths express “Grief, Loss and Human Rights”

“I think we are all entitled to grief, don’t you think?” asked Southeast asian youths through artworks displayed in Yuwana Zine #7 and Exhibition. To mark International Human Rights Day on December 10th 2022, the ASEAN Youth Forum (AYF) collective organized two art exhibitions in Jakarta and Bangkok to showcase poetry, essays and illustrations created […]

A Talk with Naw Susanna Hla Hla Soe

NUG Ministry of Women, Youths and Children Affairs speaks about the suffering faced by women and children, the NUG actions to help and strengthen affected communities, as well as the need for the world’s attention to her country’s crisis.

Our photos in an exhibition on Myanmar refugees in Thailand

Following the military coup in 1962 by General Ne Win, millions of people from Myanmar fled on-going civil conflicts to seek safety in neighbouring countries such as Malaysia, Singapore, Bangladesh, China, India, and mostly in Thailand, where half of the diaspora are living for five decades.

Colorful Resistance and Regional Solidarity

From April 26th to May 8th, 2022, the exhibition “Stand for Democracy in Myanmar” was organized at the Bangkok Art and Cultural Center (BACC) by SEA-Junction and Art for Human rights. The colorful artworks showed solidarity from international artistic communities with the people in Myanmar and that resistance has no boundary. “In 1962, my country […]

Read the Zine “From Our Place to the Frontline”

From Our Place to the Frontline ငါတို့နေရာမှ ရှေ့တန်းသို့ a new outlet written by striking students from Yangon university in collaboration with Fulbright University Vietnam students who felt deeply affected by the situation in Myanmar. The free-to-read online magazine features creative writing and interviews of highschoolers who left their education for revolution, a young aspiring teacher […]

Our Photo Exhibition at the Movies that Matter Film Festival

We are proud to announce that we had a successful photo exhibition that ran from March 22nd – April 16th, 2022 at the Atrium City Hall in the Hague, the Netherlands as part of the Movies that Matter Festival. We showed a collection of photos, artworks and our short documentary under the theme “Protesting Through […]