From the Streets of Myanmar’ is an ongoing series of films using audio messages received from one Burmese photojournalist. These conversations have taken place over many months and all the photos and video were captured by creatives connected to the VR project.

These are not reports but one persons experience of living in a post coup Myanmar.

EP1: Soldiers
Under constant threat of arrest, journalists, photographers and filmmakers continue to cover the events as best they can.
EP2: My House

The military stepped up arrests and beatings of anyone suspected of supporting the anti-coup protests.

EP3: What Future?

After many months of protests, and continued uncertainty about the future, the personal toll of the conflict begins to show.

EP4: Covid-19 hidden Toll

The harsh realities of life in Myanmar during the Covid-19 pandemic under military rule.

EP6: military control

The military is doing everything they can to instill fear in people in Myanmar and crush their spirits.