Mentor Scheme

We want to support creators in Myanmar until democracy is restored and beyond by providing opportunities to develop their skills.

To build a long lasting legacy we have started a mentor scheme where established researchers, photographers, filmmakers and artists advise a young creator who is still working inside Myanmar on how to improve and organise his/her work.

If you would like to offer yourself as a mentor please get in touch.


The working conditions in Myanmar are continuing to deteriorate: A hot and humid climate worsened by state forces who smash and confiscate equipment and limited routes to buy material due to the collapse of the economy.

This is why we are asking for donations of laptops, stills and video cameras, smartphones to help support those still working in Myanmar. If you think you can help please get in contact.
Cash Donations

The VR creators are determined to keep producing high-value, verified content despite extremely tough conditions.

Some of our members have been injured or arrested, some have been forced to hide far from their hometowns or to survive in informal refugee camps. Some lost relatives to health or conflict-related issues. The continuing threat from Covid-19 and the medical expenses that come with it are an additional burden to their precarious situation.

While emergency support to cover food and rent costs is essential, donations are also used to create opportunities to improve their lives in the long-term. We aim to cover the costs of passport applications, work permits, visas and university grants as well as safety training and language courses.

From November 2021, we have hired two teachers who run a daily online English lesson for a dozen of our members to develop their full professional capacity. The aim is to give them the tools to be able to pursue their studies or work in international media or organisations, both inside and outside Myanmar.

To guarantee the continuity of those actions and support their vision of a free and fair future for all, you can donate via the PayPal link below or through a direct bank transfer. The money is being processed by Human Rights in the Picture, who is Visual Rebellion’s main partner. All the money you donate will go towards helping the Rebel Creators at the darkest of times and guaranteeing regular incomes for their work exposing the truth of #WhatsHappeningInMyanmar.

Thank you, the VR Team



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