Into the Life of Myanmar Women Factory Workers

Long familiar with the tiny gains and vicious crashes brought on by political shocks, workers in Myanmar now face insurmountable hardships as the fourth year post-coup gets underway. People must now decide either to shelter in place with no end in sight, or face down unknown conditions as migrant workers overseas. Young garment factory workers share their experiences from Yangon and Samut Prakarn, in neighbouring Thailand.

Checkpoints // Myanmar Map of Lawlessness

Shoddy concrete structures connected to the military have become a common and menacing sight in Myanmar. These pillboxes are being used by the military as watchtowers and strongholds from which they can erratically impose invasive checks on civilians, subjecting them to bullying, intimidation and arbitrary arrest.

United by Blood Money, Police States Stand Together

OCTOBER 29th, 2023 // “Will the Singaporean Government stand for blood money – or clean business, with dignity?”

The Burmese diaspora stood in front of the Singapore embassy in Bangkok to demand that Singapore stop selling arms used to kill their fellow citizens in Myanmar.


AUGUST 25th, 2023 // Six years ago, the Myanmar military launched a genocide against Rohingya people in Rakhine state. Our team interviewed Razia Sultana, lawyer, educator, and human rights activist, about the current situation of her community.

Jubilee Hall & Students Union Building Once Stood There

JULY 7th, 2023 // The military junta in Myanmar systematically destroyed historical landmarks, including the Students’ Union Building and the Jubilee Hall in Yangon. Both hold immense historical significance, representing the spirit of anti-colonial, anti-fascist, and anti-dictatorship struggles.

Myanmar diaspora hopes for a new dawn as Thailand votes to shed its green uniform

JULY 4th, 2023 // After pro-democracy parties led the way in the recent May elections, the Thai Parliament is expected to form a new civilian government. The majority of Thai citizens as well as Myanmar people who took shelter in the neighboring country after the coup, are hoping for a new era that will safeguard their respective rights. However, the new Thai government will have to confront the massive challenges posed by the Myanmar military and the growing refugee crisis.