In memoriam of the journalists in Myanmar

After the military coup on February 1st, 2021, journalists were among the first to be hunted down along with opposition politicians, social workers and activists. Dozens of reporters have been arrested and four have been killed by the SAC.

Junta Gets Full Membership in the Eurasian Autocracies Gang

Pob Pra District, Tak province, Thailand – In this remote village at the Thai-Myanmar border, a model-sized blue Mig-29 aircraft led the cortege for Asahna Bucha Buddhist ceremony. Three little boys dressed in pilot, soldier and policeman uniforms sat around the small jet fighter, which was carried in a decorated pick-up truck parading around their […]

Remember Six Decades of Students Repression

YANGON // On July 7th, many protests happened around Myanmar to mark the 60th anniversary of the 1962 revolutionary student strike. The “Seven July” uprising was one of the first mass movement to oppose the military coup by General Ne Win’s junta in March earlier that year. On that day, the military injured and killed […]

The Shadow of Death Penalty

More than three decades after the last executions, the junta announced the renewed implementation of the death penalty.

Junta Burning Upper Burma

  A woman in her sixties, wearing a hat and a worn-out sweater, is weeping heavily as she is leaning against a wall. She sits on the ground, in the middle of fuming ashes, metal poles, pieces of the zinc roof of a house and charcoaled woods from the burned house scattered all over the […]