From Yangon to Dubai, David’s Odyssey Into The Cyber Romance Scam World (I)

MAY 5th, 2024 // David* worked in a scam center in Dubai, targeting European men . His team posed as women on social media, luring targets into investing in fake platforms with promises of love and affection. His experience, a lifeline after fleeing Myanmar’s turmoil post-coup, sheds light on the dark underbelly of migrant exploitation and online scams prevalent in Southeast Asian borders but also in Dubai’s shadowy job market.

Airtrikes Epidemic (III) // “Not every house has a bomb shelter yet”

MARCH, 15th, 2024 // In the three years following the coup, the Myanmar military has conducted 1,652 airstrikes across the country. The Sagaing Region has been subject to the most aerial attacks to this date. Regionwide, bunkers and trenches are proliferating to protect civilians, such as Min Hla village.

Into the Life of Myanmar Women Factory Workers

FEBRUARY 26th, 2024 // Long familiar with the tiny gains and vicious crashes brought on by political shocks, workers in Myanmar now face insurmountable hardships as the fourth year post-coup gets underway. People must now decide either to shelter in place with no end in sight, or face down unknown conditions as migrant workers overseas. Young garment factory workers share their experiences from Yangon and Samut Prakarn, in neighbouring Thailand.

Checkpoints // Myanmar Map of Lawlessness

Shoddy concrete structures connected to the military have become a common and menacing sight in Myanmar. These pillboxes are being used by the military as watchtowers and strongholds from which they can erratically impose invasive checks on civilians, subjecting them to bullying, intimidation and arbitrary arrest.

Myanmar migrant workers in Thailand not invited to first social security board election

Myanmar migrant workers in Mahachai, the major industrial zone west of Bangkok, Thailand. / Visual Rebellion Myanmar

DECEMBER 4th, 2023 // At the end of the month, Thailand is hosting its first social security board election. Close to one million workers from Myanmar, who contribute equally to this multi-million dollar fund, are not allowed to participate. A Thai migrant worker rights advocate is running to represent Myanmar nationals and will be listed as a candidate.

Our photos in an exhibition on Myanmar refugees in Thailand

Following the military coup in 1962 by General Ne Win, millions of people from Myanmar fled on-going civil conflicts to seek safety in neighbouring countries such as Malaysia, Singapore, Bangladesh, China, India, and mostly in Thailand, where half of the diaspora are living for five decades.