Our academic work on Researchers Republic

The Myanmar Project Collective – the journalistic team from Visual Rebellion Myanmar – is proud to announce a collaboration with Researchers’ Republic. This network of academics from Myanmar specialises on environmental issues, land rights, labor rights, business and human rights, drugs, health, education, conflict, displacement, and gender.

Our first report is about the war on information which is taking place between the pro-democracy and the pro-military side in post-coup Myanmar, what is at stake in the telecommunications sector and in term of cyber-security and how people are trying to take back the digital space by resisting repression and organising dissidence.

Our second report focuses on the coup and economic collapse as it is playing out on the ground, as it is being experienced by ordinary people in post-coup Myanmar. It is a report about lived suffering, survival and resistance.

Our third report looks at China’s use of the Covid-19 pandemic and the post-coup lawlessness to build a permanent wire fence along its border with Myanmar and the subsequent disruption of cross-border trade and local economies.

Please read, share and comment on the academic work from our collective. Versions in Burmese will be available soon.